The Web Incorporated

PO Box 479 Morningside 4170

Our aim is to promote and assist the development of appropriate enterprises for the benefit of the community.


The WEB Incorporated has a commitment to the theory and practice of

through the formation and support of Appropriate enterprises. Appropriate enterprises are any group of people working together to meet their needs or to benefit the community within our Ethical Charter.

Our Ethical Charter

Care of the Earth

Expressed as:

• Creating and maintaining clean water, clean air and an unpoisoned land.

• Supporting the variety and abundance of life.

• Adopting and promoting ecologically sound technologies and sustainable use of resources.

Care of People

Expressed as:

• Creating lifestyles which fulfil basic needs and which promote self-expression, self empowerment, social equity and health.

• Involving all people affected by the decision in the decision making process.

• Encouraging equal opportunity for all to their own livelihood, regardless of age, race, marital status, disability, religion or gender.

Care of Community

Expressed as:

• Promoting the local community as the central basis of the economy and society.

• Caring for aged, ill, disabled and poor people with a respect which enables them to maintain their integrity as human beings.

• Minimising the separation between workplace and lifestyle.

• Recognising and promoting co-operative enterprise as an integral part of community.

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Supported by the Brisbane City Council's Environmental Grants Program
Last Modified 22th Aug 1998

The Web Shared Workspce

The Web Shared Workspace 1989-1995


Since our inception in 1988 the Web Incorporated has been involved a number of environmental initiatives, some of which are listed below:

1. Web Shared Workspace:

• We ran an enterprise incubator for environmentally and socially friendly business from 1989-1995. This was an entirely self-funding project.

• Operated a Community Recycling Depot from 1989-1995.

• The shared workspace was used by environment groups for meetings, workshops and courses.

2. Web Resource Library:

• We run a community access resource library on environment issues, ecology, sustainable development, cooperatives and appropriate technology.

• Researched and promoted Bioregional planning and development through publications, workshops and networking.

• The Web maintained a Directory of Brisbane Peace and Environment Groups 1988-1994 until the BREC took on this task.

3. Advice and assistance:

• Provided some initial advice and resource material to the BCC to help with the introduction of Kerbside Recycling.

• Assisted RAGE to develop and implement its Catchment Care Program.

• TWS, QCC, ACMS: Advice on Sustainable development, computer networking and EMail Training.

• Permaculture: Promoted native permacultures and wildlife gardening through publications and workshops.

• NAASA Organic Farming: ran open days and assisted operators to refine standards and codes of practice.

• OPEN LEARNING: Environment Audits and business planning. The Web provided information about environmental auditing during business planning to the author of the OL business planning module .

4. Ancillary Projects:

• Established the IDEAS Cooperative Society Ltd to develop and implement a sustainable housing project. This project demonstrates how to minimise environmental impacts of housing and lifestyles.

• Worked with Community Aid Abroad on the Global Connections Project - an environment and development education facility. This project seeks to educate the public about sustainablity issues of urban systems both here and abroad. The WEB Incorporated will continue to assist with the development of this project. The project also provides an demonstration site for Environment Best Practices for contaminated land rehabilitation, erosion and sediment controls and impact assessment.

• We have worked closely with the ANA Friendly Society (Qld) to develop its Eco Fund and Business Eco Fund products. These funds will give benefits to either individuals or owner operated businesses for improvements to their or their localities’ sustainablity(e.g. environment audits, water tanks, solar heating, energy conservation or compliance costs associated with EPA).