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The Brisbane Region is in the "Macleay Overlap", a mixing zone between the western, temperate, and subtropical ecosystems, and is one of the most biodiverse regions in Australia. The Brisbane region faces unprecedented pressures from our activities. The South East Queensland area currently has 60% of the endangered or threatened plants in Queensland. One third of all ecosystems in SEQ are on the brink of disappearing. With your help we can protect these areas and the living things which depend on them. We can all take action to reduce our impacts on this unique environment.

The Brisbane Region Environment Council(BREC) is a regional environment council providing advocacy, education, research and assistance for the protection and enhancement of the Brisbane regional environment. BREC is a project of the Web Incorporated, an association committed to achieving ecodevelopment through Care of the Earth, Care of People, and Care of the Community.

The Brisbane Region Environment Council aims to:

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