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Mutual Aid and Co-operation

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The ANA Friendly Society of Queensland is a mutual aid society established in 1887. The ANA was founded by ordinary men and women who through their own actions and collective strength sought to protect themselves and their families in times of trouble.

The ANA Queensland has committed itself to a vision of promoting mutual aid, ethical investment and community development.

To do this the ANA provides the following services:

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Last Modified 22th Aug 1998

More Information About The ANA

Co-operation rather than Competition

Promoting Mutual Aid through:

Community Organisations Investment Service

Designed to assist community groups to maximise the interest earned on savings by pooling surplus funds. Since this program was established in May 1989, over 2 million dollars has been collectively invested on behalf of self help groups, community associations and conservation groups.

Community Savings and Loans

A group of people contributing small, regular amounts of money into a common pool, from which small loans with no interest charges, can be made to members. It is most suitable to people on low incomes who share a local common bond, e.g. a community centre.

Credit Union and Terminating: Cooperative Housing Society Services

The A.N.A. is an agent for a Community Credit Union which holds the same values of mutual aid and accessibility as the A.N.A.. Normal credit union services and housing loans are available through the agency.

Ethical Superannuation Fund

Established in May 1993 to allow people to take control of and understand their financial affairs. The Fund offers long term security and ethical investment criteria.

Eco Fund

The Eco Fund provides amounts of money to contributing members to purchase or otherwise bring about ecologically sustainable improvements to that member's home or Locality.

Ethical Investment Bond

The Bond provides loans to assist ethical projects working for positive changes in the way people care for the environment, provide jobs and house people. Over $200,000 has been invested in this fund. Financial Distress Fund

Provides amounts of money to contributing members during emergencies which cause personal financial distress.

Funeral Fund

A fund to help pay funeral expenses. The fund has been in operation for over forty years.

Financial Counselling

Available to individuals or community groups who wish to discuss their financial situation.


The modern cooperative movement was born out of the furnace of England's 19th Century Industrial Revolution.

Based on ideals of egalitarianism, democracy and mutual aid, the co-operative movement created purchasing co-operatives, friendly societies, trade unions, credit unions and building societies.

Friendly societies, developed all the programmes which provided a social safety net for working people and which would be later incorporated as the foundations of the welfare state.

These programmes included medical care, small loans, sickness, unemployment and funeral benefits.

In addition, friendly societies served an important social, recreational and educational role in the communities in which each branch was based.

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