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What is the A.N.A. Eco-Fund?

The A.N.A. Eco-Fund is a fund providing amounts of money (benefits) to a contributing member to purchase or otherwise bring about ecologically sustainable improvements to that member's home or locality.

What do we mean by Ecological Sustainability

Ecological sustainability is defined as a pattern of activity which meets the needs of the present without reducing the opportunities available to future generations. Such activity shall include, but not be limited to energy efficiency and energy conservation, e.g. purchase of solar heating system; conversion of motor vehicle to gas fuel; water conservation - installation of water conserving plumbing; greywater recycling; land rehabilitation.

What is the purpose of the Eco-Fund?

The fund forms part of a range of A.N.A initiatives designed to assist ordinary people to cope more easily with issues of modern society, such as worsening physical environment, personal isolation, excessive consumerism, unemployment and under employment, and lack of personal control over major segments of life. The Fund empowers us to have some control of our own environment.

How does the Eco-Fund Operate?

Any interested person may apply to join the fund. Once accepted for membership, the member makes a regular monthly contribution of a minimum of $5.00 per month (one unit). Maximum payment per month is ten units, or $50.00. A benefit of up to $2000 will be paid, provided there are sufficient funds available when:-

a) The contributor has made contributions for a period of 12 months, and is not in arrears.

b) The member has demonstrated a need for the benefit as prescribed by these rules.


The amount by which any benefit exceeds the total of contributions paid into the fund must be repaid back into the fund, along with the regular contribution, within two years.

For Example

A benefit of $540 is paid after 12 months contribution of $5 per month (i.e. $60 per year) into the fund. The amount by which the benefit exceeds contributions is $480 (i.e. $540 minus $60). The amount of new monthly contributions necessary is $25, i.e. $20 repayment of the benefit, times 24 months equals $480, plus the regular $5 monthly contribution.

New Benefits

No further benefit can be applied for until the current benefit is repaid. However, a benefit can be repaid over a shorter period than two years, by increasing the number of units up to ten units, i.e. S50 per month plus the usual monthly contribution.


Any person wishing to join the A.N.A. Eco-Fund should contact the A.N.A.

Applying for a Benefit

Applications for benefits shall be made on the appropriate form. The board of the A.N.A. shall notify the applicant as to the acceptance, rejection, or deferment of the application.

Discontinuing Membership

Any person wishing to cease membership may do so by lodging a claim for their contributions. Any money owing to the Eco-Fund will be deducted from the payment

Printed August 1998