The Sun Sets for Yorks Hollow ?
Is the Sun Setting for Victoria Park And Yorks Hollow?
A Freeway Is Set to Plough Through This Historic Site

Local Environment, Resident and Indigenous Groups Joined together to have a protest camp in Victoria Park to raise awareness on the night of Friday 27 th November

First Came A Few Campers

Camp 1
Camp 2

Then Some Critical Mass Cyclists turn up to lend a hand

critical mass arrives

And Some More ... cyclists cyclists
cyclists cyclists everywhere

Soon There Where Quite A Few

All Sorts Of People Showed Up To Stay For A While

people 6

people 1

people 5

people 2

people 4

I Wonder Who Will Still Be Here In The Morning
To Say Hello To The Sun


Of Course To Build a Freeway You Need To Remove Some Trees and Parks Then ...
annoy tree

You Dig a Big Tunnel Towards The Exhibition Ground

add tunnel

... mmm .... I Wonder Where It Goes Next ?