Brisbane Region Environment Council

8th July 1996


"The decision by the Local Government and Planning Minister to force Redcliffe City Council to prematurely decide on a rezoning application for a canal estate was ill - advised " said Michael Petter the Convenor of the Brisbane Region Environment Centre (BREC).

 "The Minister has acted too hastily without full knowledge of the circumstances of this matter. This will set a bad precedent for State planning processes. It means that developers, who having submitted a sub-standard EIS, can now appeal to the Minister to intervene on their behalf. The rezoning has been delayed, not by the Council but by the inadequacies of the developers EIS and other factors. The City Council is, quite rightly, unwilling to make a decision until it has all the relevant facts before it." he went on to say.

 BREC believes that there are a number of areas of concern still to be addressed by the developer, including the details of their environmental management plan and further consultations with community groups.

 This development could have harmful effects on neighbouring wetlands, local bird life and fisheries if the impacts aren't properly considered.

 For developments to proceed without undue delays it is not only up to local councils to get it right, but also the developers must try harder to get their proposals right the first time.

 "The Minister should reconsider this decision in the light of all the facts and allow the Council to continue its prudent deliberations and negotiations."

 "This decision sends a clear message to environment groups that the government considers speedy development to be more important than local communities or the environment." he concluded