Springfield and Coal Mines Adds Insults to Injury for Wildlife

4 March 1997

"The reports of pressure for coal mining in and around Springfield is adding insults to injury for wildlife habitats" said Michael Petter the convenor of the Brisbane Region Environment Centre(BREC).

Springfield itself has already eaten into the "Greenbank Link", the largest land bridge for flora and fauna in South East Queensland. As a result of deals done between the different levels of government we have seen the "Greenbank Link" reduced to just 150m in width to allow for the expansion of Springfield. The remains of the "Greenbank Link" are also on top of mining leases.

The mining leases threaten to undermine the White Rock area, a conservation park near Springfield and will affect the neighbouring Woogaroo Creek. These proposals have not been subjected to environmental impacts assessment or public scrutiny, yet the Government is already doing deals so they can go ahead.

"Just like people, wildlife need somewhere to live and raise their families. The combined impacts on this area will do two things- firstly it will deprive wildlife of somewhere to live and secondly it will break our core habitats up into islands. For core habitats to survive in the long term, they must be large enough and they must be connected to other areas " he said.

We saw the last government trade away the rights of nature for residential development, and this government wants to trade away both the rights of nature and people, for mining. BREC is calling on the State Government and Springfield to protect the "Greenbank Link" and leave it unthreatened by either residential development or mining.

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Region Environment Centre

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