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Development Objection Mt Gravatt Summit Development

                                                                                        10.3. 2006

The Chief Executive Officer

Assessment Manager

Development Team Leader East

Brisbane City Council

Fax  34035311                                                           OBJECTION

                           Re 185 Mt Gravatt Road Mt Gravatt   file 933251

Dear Sir

             The Brisbane Region Environment Council objects to the proposed facilities on the top of Mt Gravatt Mountain at 185 Mt Gravatt Road on the following grounds:

  1. The lease site potentially obstructs 60 degrees or one sixth of the vista from the Observation Stand., which is contrary to the Public Interest. It potentially and substantially hampers the integrity of the Vista.
  2. Trees had been cleared very recently BY Council in this vicinity of Mount Gravatt Outlook Drive and it is likely that more demands will be made for deleterious clearing in the Conservation Park for the proposed restaurant viewshed. This would be contrary to the public interest
  3. The proposal is inappropriate affecting the solitude, serenity and sense of place, notwithstanding the mandatory Commonwealth Structures.
  4. It is also a precedent for commercial development of the site as opposed to an Interpretive Centre for this site. The site and the Mountain fits the category of large or special Natural Area, Geological Monument and area of Cultural Significance.
  5. It is categorised as a “Spot Rezoning, “ and takes up a large part of the .Public Open Space (Park) out of public use.
  6. This is a further attempt to alienate Public Open Space without public interest tests, needs studies and without abiding by Traditional Owner protocols.
  7. The siting of the structure offends the scenic amenity. The approval of any further structures has large constraints (viz Mt Cootha ) of moving such proposed sites out of view of the principal observation stand , monuments and Primary Survey Stations
  8. The scenic amenity evaluation , pioneered by BCC and Dr Robert Preston has not been applied in this case 
  9. The Commercial Impact Assessment Planning Scheme Policy has not been applied to this proposal. This involves a suite of studies not apparent in the D. A.
  10. The Public Consultation Policy has not been applied in this case.
  11. Aspects of the requirements of the Environmental Impact Study Policy  are not evident.
  12. Potential Impacts on Flora and Fauna (particularly nocturnal fauna) have not been adequately assessed. E.g. Lights, noise rubbish , potential waste disposal leaching into the Outlook Drive and the Conservation Park. Further the rehabilitation of the Bushland /Parkland interface on the summit needs a management plan  to rationalise future management weed and rubbish removal
  13. The increased Traffic on the Drive and potential parking takeup require further reporting.

The Traffic Impacts and increased parking will have deleterious impacts on Nature Conservation Values, Traditional Owner Cultural Values and Catchment Values.

The Traffic impacts and other impacts include lights, speed, roadkills, potential widenings , road runoff(new study by BCC and Oceanics),The CEPTED and WHS &  LAS requirements requiring undue hilltop vegetation removal(firing) and hollow limb removal

The Application should be accordingly refused


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