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September 8th 1999

Filing of Land- McIlwain Projects Pty Ltd

347 Lytton Rd (& 101 Barwon Street), Morningside Qld 4170

Described as Lot 4 & 5 RP 817710

Brisbane City Council Application Number DRS/USE:639875

Assessment Manager

Brisbane City Council

GPO Box 1434

Brisbane Qld 4001

The Web Incorporated's Brisbane Region Environment Council(BREC) wishes to object to the application to fill the land in question.

This area of lower Perrin Creek catchment should be retained for its value as flood plain and tidal habitat area. The important role of these tidally influenced ecosystems is well known. The filling and subsequent development will compromise the range of environmental and natural values of this area.

The master drainage study was done before proper processes for catchment planning, water sensitive urban design and before the results of the SEQ Water Quality Study were released. These later documents and policies including the draft City Plan, indicate the importance of riparian areas, wetlands and their role in water quality. The EPA (Conservation Status of Queenslands Bioregional Ecosystems Sattler & Williams 1999) states that these ecosystems should be recommended for conservation wherever they occur.

The Perrin Creek master drainage study should not be considered a reliable planning tool for decision makers until it complies with current best practice as defined by the BCC in its own guidelines.

It is essential that all new Industrial/Commercial developments in the estuarine area of the river need to allow for generous open space, semi natural drainage and adequate buffer areas and mitigation measures. Acid sulphate problems are best avoided by not disturbing old wetland areas

It is vital to manage the riparian corridors of Perrin creek according to best practice guidelines. We believe that these important floodplain areas should not be filled at all. Any new drainage works put in after filling will never exceed the capacity of the current floodplain. The resulting piping and channelling will not replace the important ecological function of the existing area. This area should be retained and restored not filled.


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