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April 2, 1999

Some parts of new Brisbane City Plan are good despite Integrated Planning Act says conservationist

The coordinator of the Brisbane Region Environment Council, Michael Petter, says "Some of the environmental protection measures in the city plan are good. They will no doubt come under attack from anti-progress elements such as the development industry" he said

The new Brisbane City Plan was released for public comment on the 8th of March. It is the first major town plan to be done under the controversial State Integrated Planning Act.

"Having done a preliminary review of the eight hundred page plan, we believe that the despite the Integrated Planning Act the Brisbane City Council has tried to achieve higher levels of environmental protection. This doesn’t mean that the job is over though, the Plan still has lots of room for improving environmental protection."

"The BCC may have improved protection of wetlands, waterways and biodiversity as well as trying to resolve some of the difficult problems in energy conservation. The difficult problems of actually winding back , rather than just limiting, environmental damage and pollution are still to be fully dealt with."

"We still need to examine the plan in detail to see if some of these good features are actually going to be implemented and aren’t subject to exemptions, waivers and relaxation's. One of the biggest problems with the City Plan is due to the Integrated Planning Act and its requirement that a town plan can’t prohibit any land use. This is in addition to IPA’s reduced public comment times and perniciously unaccountable "Code Assessment" he concluded


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