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Government stumbles on Koala, Bushland and Water Issues as State Election is called


As Queensland goes into State Election mode the government continued to stumble on key issues while the opposition struggles with developing alternative policies.

The new draft Koala plan for SEQ failed to fix mapping and provide strength to planning measures to protect Koalas.

The Government and opposition remain in denial about the main cause of our water woes the uncontrolled expansion of unsustainable housing developments.

The government has still failed to protect threatened urban bushlands and claims to have “protected 70% of SEQ” where as in reality they only protected what wasn’t threatened and threw the rest to the development wolves.

In key threatened areas such as Parkinson, Larapinta and Fitzgibbon the government is still pushing ahead with unrealistic development plans on State owned bushland and largely ignoring the ecological significance of these areas.

Both major parties have ignored the growing scientific advice about looming water shortages to keep plumping for the development lobby while insisting they can’t do anything to rein in growth. They both believe that building dams will make more water where as all dam building can do it take away from environmental flows and destroy more river systems. Water recycling wont make more water it is only a conservation measure and it won’t fix the underlying problem,

Both parties still insist that they can’t control population growth while being propped up by development interests. By making land available cheaply, by providing infrastructure below cost and by encouraging interstate advertising for people to “move to Queensland” the parties are continuing to sell off the future liveability and sustainability to the SEQ region. The natural values of SEQ have been established as having National and International significance and deserve to be preserved for our unique wildlife and for future generations of Queenslanders.


Both parties should immediately commit to

·          restricting land supply not the 20 years hand out delivered under the SEQ Plan,

·          implementing a moratorium on new developments until the drought has eased,

·          charging developers the full cost of infrastructure and

·          putting a prohibition on developing our few remaining bushlands.


Both major parties need to make major financial pledges to bushland and waterways protection rather than relying on volunteers and local governments to do the job alone.

The awful Integrated Planning Act needs to be amended in favour of nature and protecting the lifestyles of local residents both now and for the future. Current reform proposals for IPA keep us heading backwards into the planning dark ages.

South East Queensland residents now have the opportunity to make their voices be heard to pressure both major parties to stop ignoring reality and to take the steps necessary to protect, preserve and manage SEQ environment better.

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