January 27 1998

INGHAMS Enterprises Pty Ltd

Draft EIS for Poultry Processing Plant - Murarrie Site

To whom it may concern,

 It is the opinion of the Brisbane Region Environment Council that, the draft EIS produced by the company has a number of fundamental flaws. The criteria used in the assessment of treatment options is flawed. The criteria of minimising pollutants released to sewer is wrong in that the proper criteria should be simply the minimisation of pollutants. The criteria involving the generation of wastes is also mistaken in focussing only the amount of wastes the company has to treat and dispose of immediately rather than the total amount of solid waste generated by the plant.

Any assessment system that rates unlined, open air digesters as environmentally sound is patently ludicrous.

The design of the proposed ponds does not include a proper liner and will inevitably lead to ground water pollution. The release of large amount of pollution, 19t of Nitrogen per year, to the air is completely unacceptable. The company's EIS then goes on to demonstrate the most of this pollution will then fallout on the surrounding landscape, including the Doboy Swamp and Bulimba Creek.

Overall the proposal fails to meet even the minimum requirements of the DoE, let alone best practice.

The company should rethink its proposal and demonstrate a commitment to meeting the community's expectations for real environmental protection.

This is not the full extent of BREC's concerns with the project and should be considered only a provisional summary of concerns.

 Yours for Nature

Michael Petter

Co-ordinator Brisbane Region Environment Council