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Mount Lindsay North Beaudesert Environment under Attack by Massive Development Plans

The environment of the Mount Lindsay North Beaudesert area of South East Queensland is under attack by the Office of Urban Management, the Beaudesert Shire Council and development interests. Their plan is to put 300,000 new people in the area growing five new cities, industrial areas and a network of new major roads.

Endangered ecosystems in the New Beith and Greenbank areas are being targeted for destruction for urban development making a mockery of the Qld Vegetation Management Act and the so called “tree clearing bans”. The unique Bahrs scrub area is also threatened by ill conceived development in waterway zones.

Some remaining bushland areas are to be targeted for potentially damaging recreational uses.

The Brisbane Region Environment Council (BREC) is calling on State and Local Authorities to conduct a full and proper environmental impact process given the high nature conservation and cultural heritage values of the area.

Currently the state government is trying to railroad the process through the Office of Urban Management. The OUM seems intent on expanding urban development at all costs not containing it. This new mega development will add around 20% more land to the urban footprint ensuring that developers will have unimpeded land access for at least the next 20 years regardless of the environmental impact.

The Logan river waterways are on the brink of ecological collapse and the pollution and water extraction impacts of this mega development will surely be its death knell and a mortal blow to Southern Moreton Bay.

BREC is calling on the State Government and local authorities

BREC completely rejects a 75m altitude development control line as it will further degrade connectivity and lead to isolated patches of bushland on hilltops struggling for survival surrounded by a sea of housing and other development.

It is unclear how sewage and water supply issues will ever be addressed for such large numbers of people in such a dry and vulnerable catchment.

BREC is calling for local groups and individuals to continue opposing this free kick for the development lobby. Please write to Premier and State and Local Government representatives and urge them to do full and comprehensive impact assessments to restrict development and to protect the nature conservation values of this important area.


For More Information

Michael Petter Coordinator BREC 39015577 or

Shane Coghill Traditional Owners Coordinator 39015577

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