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19 October 2004

Sustainability is about more than just drawing a line on a map

South East Queensland plan should look at new option

Regional Environment Councils in SEQ today announced that the new regional plan to limit growth could fail to actually protect the regionally significant green and open space in the urban areas of SEQ.

The new draft plan is to be released in late October and some in the media have already supported it without seeing any of the details (CM, 17th September 2004 "Urban Plan to Limit Growth").

"Our understanding is that the OUM plan will not stop any of the proposed urban development contained in local council plans and the plan will allow for at least an extra million people in SEQ," said Michael Petter, Coordinator of SEQRECN.

"We are calling for State and Regionally significant vegetation to protected both inside and outside the so called ‘Urban Growth Boundary’," he continued.

"We are calling for government stakeholders to genuinely engage with the public about appropriate medium density dwelling options before using legislation to enforce increased density in urban areas," said Sheila Davis, Gecko Campaigner.

"While SEQRECN supports the government efforts to contain urban growth, we are concerned that this will only effect new developments in twenty years time when land locked in by this plan runs out," said Michael Petter.

"This OUM plan looks unlikely to do anything about correcting past planning mistakes or supporting councils to protect urban bushland and open space. This draft plan only pays lip service to issues such as air and water quality and doesn't address the fundamental impacts of more and more people," said Scott Alderson, SCEC Campaigner.

"The Western Corridor proposal in particular could open up ribbon development all the way up to Toowoomba," said Sarah Moles spokesperson for TREC.

SEQRECN wants the government to consider a fourth regional option that is both containment and contraction of urban zoning. The fourth option should properly consider ways of:

"The fourth option would also appropriately recognise the cultural obligations to country in the region by the Traditional Owners and reinstate the principles agreed to in the SEQ2011 Plan," said Shane Coghill, Indigenous Coordinator, SEQRECN.

SEQRECN will be working to develop this fourth option for presentation to the public and the Office of Urban Management in time for the public consultation phase of the OUM Plan.

For more information: Michael Petter, Coordinator, BREC - 3901-5577

Shane Coghill, Indigenous Coordinator, SEQRECN - 3901-5577

Scott Alderson, SCEC - 5441-5747, 0407-290-029

Sheila Davis, Gecko - 5534-1412, 0431-742-954

Sarah Moles, TREC - 4666-6125, 0427-753-947

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