Brisbane Region Environment Council

Date 17 July 1997

Rapatten Pty Ltd Combined rezoning and subdivision application Lot 15 on RP48160, Lot 2 on RP 160002, Lot 3 on RP 107368, Lots 1 & 2 on RP 167508, Lot 3 on RP 82657, Lots 3 & 4 on RP 88231, Lot 2 on RP 169871, Lot 2 on RP 97236 Parish of Bulimba County of Stanley.

 Dear Madam/Sir,

We are writing to object to the above application, we apologise for the delay in sending this objection but crucial background information, Wilson Deller Wolter Development Assessment Report, has only recently become available.

We believe that this bushland remnant has significant and ongoing value for Flora and Fauna. The area has connections to a vegetation corridor to the north following the creekline to Bulimba Ck. The following species which have a restricted distribution were found: Pultenaea euchila, Eucalyptus siderophloia, E. seeana, Flindersia australis.

The whole site has at least 13 species of eucalyptus, many as high as 20m, and represents a remnant in good health containing much habitat and forage value. The main part of the remnant has little weed invasion and contains trees of many species in a range of ages that is unusual for urban remnants. There was a range of suitable hollows and forage for a variety of arboreal fauna.

This is good remnant of an ecosystem identified by DoE of being regionally "Of Concern" : "Mixed dry sclerophyll ( Pink Bloodwood, Red Bloodwood, Scribbly Gum, Rusty Gum etc) Forest on coastal sandstones.

Deficiencies in Assessment report

Inaccurate vegetation identification

Misidentified E. siderophloia as E. crebra

Failed to notice obvious occurrences of E. carnea, E. seeana, E. resinifera, E. umbra, Flindersia australis, Angophora leiocarpa.

Unrepresentative photos of only the most disturbed areas.

We found evidence of long term and frequent use of the area by Birds, Koala's and gliders as well as much evidence of digging by bandicoots.

Finally, the conclusion of the proponents assessment that the area ".....therefore holds little value for birds, reptiles, amphibians, ......, or ground mammals, and very marginal value for tree dwelling mammals." is very, very wrong.


Yours for nature

Michael Petter

Coordinator Brisbane Region Environment Council