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14.3. 2006

The Chief Executive Officer

Gold Coast City Council  

Fax  5582 8878

Attention Harvey Walsh


Re   Mount Lindesay North Beaudesert Study Area Bahrs Scrub


Dear Mr Walsh,

The Web Incorporated  ( Brisbane Region Environment Council ) makes a submission on the Mount Lindesay North Beaudesert Study at Bahrs Scrub.


  1. The increase in population projection from 5000 to 11000 in the precinct appears unjustified in terms of the scope and broader spatial extents, unclear timing, need and lack of precautionary principle tools in the LGMS document. Some of the constraints include

·        impacts on access roads( sensitive environments on Waruga Road and part of Bahrs Scrub Road) and lack of Buffering on Bahrs  Hill,

·        impacts on creeks (Exacerbation of flooding from a built up urban environment  on downstream Bahrs Scrub Road and downstream riparian owners and valuable  riparian  vegetation )

·        normal slope restrictions which may be unacceptably bypassed by Masterplanned Development or code

·        Questions exist about the Broad Hectare Study forward projections in this Area which although within the strategic plan projections for other parts of Bahrs Scrub /Windaroo, the linear and perimeter development is 5 -7 years ahead of BHS  timetable projections.

·         The lack of Open Space and Conservation Park provision in this precinct and the wider area. The nearby Mt Warren Hill shown as Open Space on the Strategic Plan has unexplained development Approvals and no advance on acquisition.

·        Lack of an Interurban Break at the Beaudesert Shire Boundary

·        Lack of fauna protection  and green infrastructure provisions within a 2 kilometre radius of  a Bioregional Corridor  at Bahrs Hill


  1. The Waruga road area ridgeline is reputed to have had EISs undertaken on it. The area has Local and regional Rare and Threatened Plants and specimens lodged with the Qld Herbarium It is a ridgetop road which provides access to another precinct at Waterford West.. This Waterford West area was ambiguously approved for 1800 retirements units or houses on Dairy Creek Road which should have become an Inter Urban Break.

Ridge-tops have been proved to be very important for rare invertebrates by Qld Museum and Dr Don Sands (ex CSIRO)


  1. Waruga Road may be reduced to the only Koala Corridor remaining .It would need to be at least 100 metres-200 metres wide and road speed restrictions put in place. Identification of remaining Koala Core Areas needs to be undertaken  The Koala population in Southern SEQ is on the slide with an unsustainable 1000 deaths a year logged by Moggill Koala Hospital. Lowland Squirrel Glider and Koala habitat in Gold Coast is Rare


These species need Local Recovery plans as the State Plan for Koalas will not save the species, and the Squirrel Glider warrants status re evaluation as most habitat under 100m AMSL has disappeared on the Gold Coast and more habitat is to be felled this year in Brisbane, Pine Rivers and the Sunshine Coast.



  1. The APOD data for the precinct is not available to the public. The densities proposed are difficult to estimate. The location of an Out of Centre Centre facility if proposed is  more appropriate  at Belivah  on the Beenleigh to Cedar Creek Road

This densification precedent will create undue pressure for resubdivision off Bahrs Scrub Road and older subdivisions on steep slopes in Bahrs Scrub and backing on to High Conservation Value (HCV) areas and areas within the State Bioregional Corridor


5    Initiatives of Habitat Buyback, green Infrastructure, scenic easements, fauna crossings speed restrictions should be Major policy directives for the future urban environments,  and peri-urban fringe flanking HCV areas and in the Bioregional Corridor


6        The area is penetrated by two collector road “rat runs Waruga Road and Bahrs Scrub Road . The Veitch Lister traffic projection module areas and stats are not available to the public. There are road safety issues for both roads in their present usage and future usage as well as fauna issues


7        The Beaudesert Shire /GCCC boundary sits on the northern boundary of the Buccan Conservation Park and sits on the western perimeter of this proposed urban footprint precinct. With the Waterford West Approval locked in the amplitude for the Inter Urban Break is to utilise Buccan Conservation Park as part of the spine and buffer it, quarantine the western part of this precinct as previously undertaken in RFGM and OUM (viz Gary Lee) and placing the Rural Residential and some Rural south of Dairy Creek Road as Inter Urban Break. Inter Urban Breaks are an accepted part of the Regional Planning Design Principles. The lack of progression of National Parks, Conservation Parks and other Reserves and Open Space is unfortunate for this part of the Gold Coast.

It is essential to do this as Delfin and others are buying up rural residential land outside the Urban Footprints adjacent to their megadevelopments such as NW Greenbank Any opportunity for an IUB break between Brisbane and Ipswich has just about disappeared. This Precautionary Principle is reinforced here by the fact that 5 year reviews of the Regional Plan will be supported by the BHS which has no social or environmental dimensions


8        The creeks in the area exhibit rainforest species of several types. That there will be other types; uncommon and rare species and others reflecting those in the Original Bahrs Scrub . This strongly indicates the need to botanise the creeks, in order to evaluate future opportunities and stream /riparian zone protection


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