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October 21, 1998

Brown Lake Catchment on Straddie Under Attack
More Sand Mining on Nth Stradbroke Is

Mining Lease Application No 50135(148.39 ha), 50136(54.23 ha)

ACI Operations Pty Ltd has applied for the above mining leases on Nth Stradbroke Is for open cut, silica sand extraction of approx. 8,000,000 t. This covers the area south of Brown lake on land formerly mined by Consolidated Rutile Ltd and currently planted with pines by the Forestry Department.

The area is of critical importance for the hydrology of Brown Lake and contains rare perched wetlands. While the area has been disturbed it has good regrowth and would be restorable. The Brown Lake area also has important cultural values for both indigenous groups and the wider community.

In advertising these applications the proponent has provided a flimsy seven(7) page document of potential impacts. It downplays any natural or cultural values.

The Minister of Mines and Energy has called for an EIS to be produced which will involve a terms of reference public submission phase,which is now, and an EIS public submission stage.

Given that the application was submitted in Feb 1997 and only surfaced in Oct 98 we suspect the miner and the Department may have reached an arrangement We also wonder if the owner of the land Consolidated Rutile Ltd might benefit through not having to finalise rehabilitation of the site.

This proposal amounts to an outrageous attack on the natural and cultural values of Brown Lake and should be totally rejected.

Write to the Minister for Mines and Energy and urge him that it is not in the public interest for this application to be granted.

Write to the Premier and Environment Minister and urge them to protect Stradbroke Is from further mining damage.

Air Photo of Mine Site