21 October 1996


A report card on Local Authorities and Vegetation Protection in South East Queensland(SEQ) was released today. It shows that while some Councils are grappling with the issues and winning most are not doing enough.

The report card was prepared by three conservation groups, the Sunshine Coast Environment Council, the Brisbane Region Environment Centre and the Southern Region Alliance.

The report card was prompted by the release this year of Dr Carla Catterall's report on vegetation clearance in South East Queensland.

"South East Queensland is one of the most biodiverse areas in Australia and its protection is vital for the maintenance of our natural heritage" said Michael Petter, convenor of the Brisbane Region Environment Centre.

"Dr Catterall's report highlighted the very serious nature of the tree clearing problem in SEQ. We have 60% of the rare or threatened plants and 30% of the rare or threatened animals in Queensland. With the loss of more bushland this situation can only get worse." he said.

"After the SEQ Vegetation Clearance Summit in July we formed a working group to assess how local councils were responding to the problem. We assessed policies, strategic plans, town plans, local laws, levels of public involvement and how these things were being implemented. We then rated the councils from one star to five stars based on our assessments. We regard a five star rating as indicating that the council was making maximum effort to protect bushlands."

"Unfortunately, NO council achieved a five star rating and most only just managed to get three stars or less." he observed.

"It clearly shows the need to have a coordinated regional approach to a regional problem. The State government, also, has a big role to play in empowering and assisting local councils to take the necessary steps to protect our bush. We will be making representations to local governments, SEQROC, SEQ2001 and the State Goverment to take further actions." he concluded.

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