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SEQ Office Must Recognise Limits to Growth
12th March 2004

"The Brisbane Region Environment Council today welcomed the Queensland Government’s recent comments (Courier Mail Wed March 10th) that some rural lands would now be protected from uncontrolled subdivision" said BREC coordinator Michael Petter

"BREC however doesn't believe that there is yet enough political will or resources committed to the Growth Office to fully protect open space or bushland in SEQ.

The failure by the responsible Minister to acknowledge that there are environmental limits to growth is seen as a backward step.

There is a limit to how much pollution or vegetation clearing the region can cope with.

For native vegetation we are at or below the required minimums. Native animals on land and in the seas are declining.

Air pollution from cars, homes and industry are having health and environmental impacts now and these will only increase if growth continues unchecked" Mr Petter said

BREC calls on the State Government to:

"All levels of government must recognise the need for firm limits to growth if we are to save our open space and bushland and continue to enjoy a decent quality of life in South East Queensland" Mr Petter concluded.

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