Brisbane Region Environment Council

Background Briefing
30th March, 1998
Integrated Planning Act
Too Fast for Fear

The Integrated Planning Act passed last year, to be promulgated today, will not give Councils, the State government and the public the time to properly assess impacts of development.

The State Government’s failure to specify clear environmental standards and outcomes will lead to widespread and rapid environment degradation with air, water and soil pollution set to soar.

Coastal areas, vegetation and wildlife will be left to the mercy of market forces and fast-tracked development with minimal controls.

The State Government must as a start:

Remember – under the current Integrated Planning Act 1997:

This legislation should be amended immediately after promulgation on Monday, 30th March, correcting the imbalance of too little opportunity for community input, too few requirements for environmental protection and too short a time frame for Council and referral agency consideration of proposals.


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