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March 24, 2000

Brisbane City Liberal Party - Environmental Report Card 2000

The Brisbane Liberal Party(BLP) failed to have coherent environment policies to address the wide range of issues that confront Brisbane City

The call by the BLP for systematic assessment and protection of fauna populations is supported. We believe that the BLP supports Voluntary conservation programs such as VCA'a and Land For Wildlife programs. The BLP opposed the increase in minimum subdivision sizes from 4ha to 10ha in some rural areas to try and protect environmental values . The BLP has no policy on mapping of nature conservation values, wetlands and regional ecosystems. The BLP was silent on the control of vegetation clearing. Its policy on wetlands protection and management, outside reserves, is absent.

The BLP has failed to detail policy or proposals to deal with pollution regulation and other responsibilities under the Environmental Protection Act. The BLP doesn't have clear policy on energy conservation or energy efficiency measures. The BLP supports catchment planning and public involvement in Catchment Planning. The BLP supports both BRMG and the SEQWQS to its credit. The BLP has made no commitment to continue regularly issuing State of The Environment Reports.

The BLP support and policies for Public involvement and participation in council affairs is unclear. The BLP is still suspicious and manipulative of public involvement. The BLP has failed to fully articulate any policy in relation to the SEQ2001 process.

The BLP has made some effort to listen to traffic planning alternatives but it appears that like the State Government they are still hoping to build their way out of traffic problems, which wont work. The BLP has supported some initiatives on Air Quality but has failed to detail its policies.

The BLP has failed to outline a general or hazardous waste management policy. Trade and hazardous waste minimisation needs more priority. The BLP has failed to support an environmental levy to fix up old contaminated sites.

Overall Ratings

* V Poor ** Poor *** Can do Better **** Good ***** Excellent

Bushland Issues **

Waterway Issues ***

Wetlands **

Toxics/Waste Issues *

Air Quality/Transport ***

Regional Issues *

Public Involvement **

Transparency *

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