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April 15th 1999

Lockyer Renewed Water Project

Hon Rod Welford

Minister Environment and Natural Resources

POB 456 Brisbane

Albert St 4002

Dear Minister,

I am writing to you in relation to the Lockyer renewed water proposal. BREC acknowledges the urgency of water problems in the Lockyer and we support the safe reuse of wastewater. However, we believe that the Lockyer renewed water should have more detailed studies about the technology, it effectiveness and the capability of the environment to absorb the nutrients, toxicants and other contaminants.

BREC believes that the plan in its current form inadequately addresses concerns about salinity, pathogens, trace elements such as copper and potential groundwater pollution. Other renewed water projects have had to do detailed soil capability analysis, groundwater monitoring and modeling. We also believe that the project is to narrowly focussed on one solution for the Lockyer's problems. Any further studies should form part of a coordinated and integrated study aiming to rehabilitate the ecology and economy of the Lockyer. This would build on the studies and plans done, over many years, by catchment groups in the Lockyer.
This broader study could look at other instruments for rehabilitation such as :- measures to reduce water consumption; financing for soil erosion control; payments from catchment revenue bonds; voluntary temporary withdrawal of irrigated land from production with compensation and assistance for construction of value adding facilities to increase on farm income.

I understand that there was some monies were allocated previously for a more detailed feasibility study for the Lockyer renewed water project.

BREC would like you to ensure that this money is put into action in the near future and that the feasibility study includes a full range of other options.

Yours for nature

Michael Petter

Coordinator BREC

No reply recieved as at 11th May 1999

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