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January 13th 1999


The Brisbane Region Environment Council(BREC) called on the local and state government to spend more money on actions and not just on glossy brochures.

"Knowing about the extent of problems in Moreton Bay is only the first step. We need enforceable water quality standards. More money needs to be spent on catchment protection and waste minimisation to tackle the problems of the Brisbane River. We need more enforcement of illegal releases of sediments and other wastes by a properly resourced EPA. We also need an effective and open waste tracking system." said Michael Petter Coordinator of BREC.

The Government should embrace pro-active measures to pay existing land owners and managers in important areas of the Catchment to improve water quality. This can be financed through a revenue bond underwritten by Brisbane City Council or the South East Qld Water Board, together with the State Government. This will help ensure the security and quality of water not just for drinking and agriculture but also the environment.

Waste water reuse should be done safely and cautiously. "I don't think pumping millions of litres of polluted saline water into the Lockyer Creek is really going to have many environmental benefits. Run-off from this area will feed directly into the water supply intakes for Brisbane above Mt Crosby." he said

We need new techniques for minimising what our cars leave on the road and roadways. Cars can leave behind many pollutants including nitrates, lead, asbestos, cadmium, kerosene, diesel and petrol. What ever gets left on roads and highways will end up in a creek or river.

BREC agrees that existing and future extensions to Fisherman's Island are helping to concentrate sewage in Bramble Bay and other areas. It acts as a barrier to currents that would normally help flush these areas. The Port needs to urgently address this problem.

Sewage Treatment Plant upgrades are already promised but we need to see other improvements in the standards and performance of household septic systems and the promotion of other non water treatment systems. We need a continuing public education campaign on what not to put down the sink, shower or toilet.

The government needs to have a rigorous and publicly available system of water quality monitoring and businesses need to see the values and benefits in contributing more to water quality monitoring and waterways restoration projects.


For More Information Michael Petter BREC 38990537

or Catchment Bond proposed for Brisbane River

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