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July 16th 1999

The C.E.O.

Brisbane City Council

PO BOX 1434

Brisbane 4001

Dear Sir,

Our organisation The Web Incorporated's Brisbane Region Environment Council(BREC) objects to the Material Change of Use and subdivision of Stages 1 & 2 of the Northpoint development Mainbeach Rd and Sandmere Rd Mrytletown on the following grounds.

The fauna study was inadequate and failed assess the real use of the area by fauna.

The proposal has failed to address the remediation of obviously contaminated land on the site

The water quality information used a flawed point of comparison in the Water Quality around Luggage Point and doesn't reflect the correct ambient standards.

There will be insufficient retention times in the proposed stormwater system to ensure water quality objectives area met.

The flora mapping presented is flawed in that it fails to identify samphire present on site.

The proposal has had insufficient community consultation given its major impacts on the Mrytletown area.

The proposal is unclear about the timing and stages of the development which has hindered assessment of this proposal.

There has been no assessment of the cumulative air and water impacts of the proposed development

A more detailed hydrological study is required to assess the interaction between soil structure, potential contamination pathways and groundwater, in particular the effects of the tidal flows on groundwater.

We also endorse and support the comments of the Wildlife Preservation Society Qld in their submission to you on this matter.

In summary the proposal has inadequtely assessed the soil type, flora, fauna and water quality impacts of the proposed development and for the above reasons we recommend that this development not proceed in its current form.


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