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Impacts of Dirty Cobalt -60 incident at Narangba

This map was compiled based on an testimony to the US Senate Foreign Relation Committee testimony by Dr Henry Kelly from the FAS. He outlined he impacts on New York and Washington of one Colbalt 60 pencil denonated by convential explosives. Narangba residents have used his testimony to come up with their own map of an incident at Narangba just north of Brisbane.

The Narangba Food Irradiation and Sterilisation facility was approved by local, state and federal authorities on preliminary documents without a full EIS or public inquiry. This facility will have at least 100 Cobalt-60 rods on site at any time. These rods will be shipped in and out as their are spent and replaced.

Issues such as safety and emergency response plans should have had full and detailed public consultation. The policy issue of encouraging food irradiation hasn't been adequately exposed to public scrutiny.

If you are concerned about whats on the map you should ring your local, state and federal politician and tell them what you think. Wouldn't it be nice if we were actually asked if we wanted this risk in our midst?
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Map of Cobalt 60 Incident at Narangba