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Government stumbles on Koala, Bushland and Water Issues as State Election is called
Objection to Mt Gravatt Summit Development
Submission for more protection of Bahrs Scrub
No Tunnels Website - Support the campaign against the Brisbane Road Tunnels
Uncle Cliff Campbell - Land and Sea Resource Centre (LSRC) General Information
7 Reasons Why Nuclear Power isn't the answer to climate change
Urgent Alert Mount Lindsay North Beaudesert Environment under Attack by Massive Development Plans
Media Release Conservationists and Traditional Owners Oppose sand mining expansion in Moreton Bay and call for demand management and full cost pricing to slow mining impacts
Uncle Cliff Campbell - Land and Sea Resource Centre (LSRC)
Media Release State Government shouldn't help Brisbane "Water Pirates" to mine Moreton Island National Park
Media Release Queensland needs more action, less rhetoric on Reef erosion protection
Media Release Redlands Shire in North Stradbroke Island Land Grab from Traditional Owners
Save the Bay 2005 - Dont Turn Moreton Bay Into A Quarry
Media Release SEQRECN - So-called Smart State sells out SEQ
Urgent Briefing SEQRECN - Final OUM Plan fails environment
Media Release SEQRECN - No joy for environment expected in new OUM Plan
BREC Response to Qld State Budget
Final Submission OUM SEQ Plan
Draft Submission OUM- SEQ 2021 Regional Plan
BREC Submission on Queensland SPP Extractives
BREC Ecological Protection Plan for Rochedale
Massive Expansion of Sandmining in Moreton Bay Imminent
Media Release BREC realeases draft maps of at risk bushland in OUM Plan..inter urban break already developed
November 2004 Media Release Groups Come Together To Pressure Meat Chicken Industry
October 2004 Media release - New OUm _ SEQ Plan a Developers Dream but bad for urban environment
October 2004 Media Release SEQ Growth plan should look at new option
September 2004 Joint Media Release - State and Federal Governments Failing Urban Bushlands
September 2004 Joint Media Release - Regional environment still at risk under OUM proposed regional plan
May 2004 Joint Media Release - Queensland ignores warnings of wildlife losses
Comments on preliminary draft Western Catchments NRM Plan June 2004
BREC - Environmental Report Card on the major parties BCC Election 2004
Media Release SEQ Growth Office must recognise the limits to growth
BREC calls for rethink on Springfield to Ripley road corridor
Joint Media Release - Call to protect bushland in SEQ
New dam West of Mt Byron in Brisbane Valley ?
SEQ Growth office could be bad news for SEQ Bushlands
State Election 2004
$5Million Wont Buy Much "Green Essence" in SEQ
Summary SEQ Environmental Score card on the Major Parties
Full SEQ Environmental Score card on the Major Parties (110k)
65,000 Hectares of Woody Vegetation cleared in SEQ over the last 10 years
3.8 Million Hectares of Woody Vegetation cleared across Qld over the last 10 years
Summary of Woody Clearing by Qld Local Governments 1991-2001
Brown Lake Water Level Update
Activist rally at Fitzgbbon Bushland 22nd Sept
Boondal Wetland "Picasso with Landfill"
Alert - BrownLake Could Be Drying Up
Preliminary Subregional Ecosystem Trends Report
Cobalt Blue Anti Nuclear Rally August 12th Narangba
Nightmare on Pottasium St Narangba
Say NO to Nuclear Food
New BREC Draft Report on Total Tree Clearing in Qld 1991-99
State Government passes amended Vegetation Act but fails wildlife
Northern banks of Moreton Bay to be Mined
BREC Ecological Summary Report Portion 238 Cornubia Esc
Ecological Report on Sandy Ck site of Synergy Park
Photo Gallery of Sandy Ck Site of Synergy Park
BREC Response to DNR proposals in Regional Vegetation Planning
Yet another State asset sale threatens bushland in Wishart
Draw Bridge Goes Up On State Extractives Policy
Objection to Parkinson Rezoning
Environment Report Cards BCC Election 2000
SEQ Natural Resource Strategy January 2000 Draft 960 k PDF only
New IPA Amendments to Wreck Impact Assessment
Cargo Cult - One Gigwatt Power Sation Crash Lands on Wivenhoe Dam
January 2000 - BREC's Interactive Guide to the Qld Vegetation Management Act 1999
BREC Report on Vegetation Mangement
Reply to Letter about Lockyer waste water reuse project
BREC Submission on the BCC City Plan 99
Letter to Environment Minster about the Lockyer waste water reuse project
BREC Submission to SEQ2001 Institutional Review
800,000 more people in SEQ - BREC Report on New Population Planning Figures
BREC proposes a 120 Million Dollar Catchment protection initiative
Parkinson Glider Forest Under Threat !
Media Release on Synergy Energy Park
  Some Good bits in new Brisbane City Plan
        More Action Needed On Moreton Bay  Integrated Planning Act
NEWSLETTER    Mini Newsletter January 1999     November1997 Newsletter
OTHER NEWS   IPA Desired Environmental Outcomes   IPA First Aid Kit Outline
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BREC Ecological Protection Plan for Rochedale
Save the Brisbane's Gilder Forest at Parkinson
Latest Version Kuraby Ecological Protection Report

Whites Hill/Pine Mtn Ecological Protection Report

Pinkenba Ecological Protection Report -Boggy Ck to Kedron Brook Habitat Corridor

A quick overview the Environmental Protection Act Qld
Binding Ecological Infrastructure Agreements
Short Briefing on financing for nature

Preliminary rehabilitation plan Brandon St Wetlands Runcorn

Field report Brandon St Wetlands Runcorn

B4C Tingalpa Wetlands Home Page

Submission To Logan Green Plan 98

Summary Report on Landfill Wastes

Old Kuraby Ecological Protection Report

Glider Forest Parkinson Draft Report

The Green Card
The Green Card press release
Notes about the reports


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