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Office of Urban Management SEQ Regional Plan

The Brisbane Region Environment Council has examined the newly released OUM SEQ 2026 Plan and issues the following URGENT BRIEF to conservation and environment groups in SEQ

Key points about the Plan

There is No regulatory protection in urban footprint. No regulatory protection for floodplains.

Even with water demand management targets the region will still use 21-35% more water in 2026 than we do now.

We will now face 18 town plan revisions to implement OUM plan. We have to fight for each and every bushland area outside of NP etc in the urban footprint ~27,000 ha of remnants.

There are No energy demand measures or commitment to cut greenhouse gases by the required 50-80%. Water quality will decline.

Air quality will decline with at least 100 premature deaths per year and 100s of millions in health and environmental impacts.

There will be More cars more sprawl.

A majority of the proposed development in the plan is Greenfield 56% overall with some shires having as a high as 90% Greenfield some as low as 21%.

There will be More land based extractive industries.

Water mining is proposed from both Stradbroke & Moreton Islands.

Parkinson and other major natural areas are under threat from industrial expansion.

The Population catered for is 4.1 million at least 12% higher than projected trends not counting investigation areas.

The Western corridor and lower Bremer river areas have been targeted for urban development. Koalas gliders and macropod populations in this western area are under imminent threat.

There is Some wiggle room in policies and acknowledgement of water quality issues, Biodiversity planning assessment and climate change factors but no regulatory backup.

The Regulations still allow urban purposes in rural area if they do impact assessable development.



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