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Open Letter to BCC on the Larapinta Wetlands Paradise Rd


October 3, 1999

ATTENTION Tim Quinn Larapinta /Parkinson Forests

Dear Tim,

I am writing to you to again to ask the BCC to reconsider its decision about the amount of bushland retained in this area. We acknowledge that the BCC has made efforts to retain a bushland corridor through this area and applaud those efforts.

The problem we have, is that the area is core habitat not just a corridor. The areas retained miss out some important ecological values of this area. Some of the area marked for industrial development on the eastern side( towards Beaudesert Rd) contains old growth trees and the proposed industrial area to the east of Paradise road contains most of the permanent water for this area. Your current proposals are equivalent to saving the shell of a house but cutting off power and water.
The area between Paradise Rd and the interstate railway line is a unique area with a chain of seasonal and permanent waterholes, spring fed meadows and a rich variety of wildlife including gliders and two species of macropods. To remove this area from protection will mean no water and will expose the remaining area to accelerated edge effects.
The area at present has few weeds and a good understorey which could be compromised by narrowing the area. Current scientific information reveals that greater gliders need over 600ha of continuous remnants to remain viable. The current corridor proposal does not achieve this level of protection.

Recent surveys of frogs at Karawatha have revealed an unexpected number of amphibians and we are confident that if such a study was done in the area between Paradise rd and the railway line it would find an equivalent number.

We invite you to inspect the site with us and we would be able to demonstrate the areas uniqueness and value ( or at the very least look at our photojounal or report on the area). Finally, to save a corridor at the expense of core area and to put industry on the main water supply for wildlife in the area would be a tragedy.

Yours for nature

Michael Petter

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