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Comments on Draft Terms Of Reference - Port of Brisbane Expansion

Brisbane Region Environment Council

December 10, 1998


Comments on Draft Terms Of Reference

The goal of an impact assessment statement is to provide a factual platform to assess whether a development should proceed or not.

The decision making agency and the proponent need detailed assessment of the cumulative impacts of the development on the ecological health and ecological sustainablity of Moreton bay.

Section 6 Description of the Proposal

Page 5 the description should also include :

Page 6 in pollution management strategies should include details of proposed pollution control structures and facilities to be used by future activities on the site, including those for management of ballast water and ship sewerage.

In the section detailing the site and surrounding area details should be provided on the affect of previous reclamation on the hydrology of Moreton bay.

Section 7 Description of Environment and Assessment

This Section must include the potential impacts of future uses and the increased risk of environmental damage (hazards analysis) from accidents at these future uses. This should include the impacts of increased shipping traffic both direct (ballast water, spills) and indirect(additional navigational dredging).

Hydrology and Hydraulics : Page 8 this section should include a requirement to detail information about the environmental effects of the proposed works on the distribution of neighbouring point source discharges eg Gibson Is, BP, Ampol, Incitec and Luggage Point.

Water Quality

This section should include information about the effects, both direct and cumulative, on water quality caused by the development and its future uses.

Coastal process section should include details of the current material budget of the bay and the impacts of the proposed dredging activity on this. This section should include details of monitoring and survey methodologies.

Flora and Fauna

Should include details of the impacts, by area and intensity, on benthic habitat both in the dredging and down current areas.

Should include impacts, direct and culmulative, of future uses, changed hydrology, water quality and distribution of pollutants on flora and fauna in Moreton Bay. This section should include details of monitoring and survey methodologies.


They should assess the direct and cumulative impacts on Air Quality both of the construction and future uses of the development. These impacts should be assessed on the basis of the Ports air-shed which can extend west to the Ripley Valley or south to the Gold Coast (SEQRAQS). This section should include details of monitoring and survey methodologies.

Social Considerations

This section should assess the impacts, both direct and cumulative, of the future uses of the reclaimed land on affected communities both adjacent to the area, neighbouring to the river, northern Moreton Bay and within its air shed. This section should include details of monitoring and survey methodologies.

This section should also address the ongoing involvement of stakeholder groups in planning , monitoring and assessing the impacts of port development and operations.

The study should identify the contribution of this development and its future uses to the cumulative impacts of the Gateways Ports Strategy.

Economic Impacts

Should include the costs of repairing the bays benthic habitat, water quality (from the impacts of construction, future uses and accidents) and hydrological integrity.

Should detail sources of economic information used and include extracts of the relevant sections.

Should include details of why the development should occur in this region rather than another part of the state.

Section 9 Consultation

Should include Brisbane Region Environment Council, BRATS as stakeholder groups.

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