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Wednesday, 08 June 2005


"The State Governments Budget tabled yesterday fails to deliver for SEQs environment" said Michael Petter Coordinator of the Brisbane Region Environment Council.

"The EPA budget is as usual pathetic with no earmarked funds for the implementation the SEQ Nature Conservation Strategy or even the Regional Coastal Management Plan. Once again the EPA is only funded to develop plans and strategies but not to implement them" he continued

There was no money in the Budget for acquisition or protection of highly significant bushlands threatened by urban development. The EPA only has $750,000 allocation for buying new reserves outside of the Cape York Area. There were no solid commitments for funding either demand management for water or power.

"Given the latest reports by the G8 science academies show that we must achieve 50-70% cuts in our greenhouse emissions the State Governments response is gormless" Mr Petter said.

"The Budget only talked about using more and more water and natural resources to continue virtually unrestrained urban development. There was nothing really showing a real commitment to use less water, less electricity and less resources such as sand and gravel. There are no real commitments to do anything about lowering the annual death toll from air pollution. The government is continuing to run up our environmental debts which can only mean less bushland, worse water quality and far fewer native animals something I am sure future generations won’t thank us for" he concluded.

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