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Letter to Environment Minister on Redcliffe Bushland

9th Jun 1999
No replied received by 3rd October 1999

Hon Rod Welford
Minister Environment and Natural Resources
POB 456 Brisbane
Albert St 4002

Dear Minister,

I am writing to ask you to assist with the protection of the State owned land at Chelsea Rd Redcliffe. Environmental best practice would require that this site be left undeveloped.

This site is of regional significance and forms part of network of bushland areas and reserves that are helping with the survival of coastal vegetation communities, providing a refuge for local wildlife and helping to maintain the environmental values of Hayes Inlet.

The Redcliffe area has very little remnant vegetation and it is vitally important the remaining bushland areas be preserved.

The sale of "uneeded" State lands represents a threat to other remnant bushlands in SEQ. If the lands are not required any longer for State services and they have nature conservation values, they should be compulsorily acquired, at unimproved value, for either the State reserve system or the Regional Landscape system.

I would like to meet with your advisors to discuss your Departments policy on, and involvement with, the sale of State lands containing remnant vegetation in SEQ and this site in particular.

Yours for nature

Michael Petter

Coordinator BREC

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