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January 30, 2004

$5Million Wont Buy Much Green Essence in SEQ

"The announcement of $5 million to help protect bushland in SEQ is a laughable with land prices for native bushland running up to $500,000 per hectare in some areas this committment will buy very little land" said BREC Coordinator Michael Petter

By comparison In the past 10 years BCC has spent $77Million on bushland and needs to spend more.

In SEQ there is

13,799 ha Remnant Veg of State Significance "At Risk of Clearing"

14,367ha Remnant Veg of Regional Significance "At Risk of Clearing"

4,876ha Remnant Veg of Local Significance "At Risk of Clearing"

Total Vegetation "At Risk of Clearing" 33,042 ha

"At Risk of Clearing" is bushland zoned under current Vegetation Management Act -Urban Exemptions

Source EPA SEQ Nature Conservation Strategy 2003-2007

So even at a very low price $1000/ha this comes at least $33Million and the figure could be closer to $100 Million.

The government is happy to reap stamp duty windfalls, invest billions in roads but can only bring itself to spend an extra $5Million to protect significant bushland areas in the threatened coastal lowlands !

BREC believes the government should committ at least $15Million per year to this vital task.

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