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Media Release

October 27, 2004

A Developers’ Dream - New Draft SEQ Plan fails to protect Urban Bushland, Open Space or Quality of life

The SEQ Regional Plan, released today, gives developers what they want and throws open our few protected areas to more use, while failing to really grapple with the real sustainability issues in the region, according to conservationists.

"The State government should take immediate steps to rectify the Plan’s gaping flaws and really protect the values of South East Queensland," said Michael Petter, Coordinator of the SEQ Regional Environment Coordination Network.

The New SEQ Urban Plan:

Click here to browse maps showing native vegetation unprotected in the "Urban Footprint"
BREC Maps of "At Risk" Bushland
These maps where compiled using information from DNRM, OUM, Qld Herbarium, EPA and other public sources.
They show our draft maps of "at risk" bushland, inside the "Urban Foorprint". Bushland "At Risk" is shown coloured black or stippled black. Protected areas such as National Parks, Conservation Reserves, Parkland and endangered ecosystems are shown in shades of green.


For more information: Michael Petter, Coordinator, BREC - 3901-5577 or (02) 6454-4167

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