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November 27, 2004

BREC Release draft maps of bushland at risk in Government’s SEQ Plan

Analysis reveals inter-urban break already developed

Today the Brisbane Region Environment Council has released draft maps of "at risk" bushland in the new Urban Footprint established by the State Government.


"These maps use information from the DNRM, EPA, DLGP and the Qld Herbarium. In the maps we have identified areas already protected as National Parks, Conservation reserves, parkland and areas identified as being endangered regional ecosystems. The draft maps reveal that there are large areas of remnant native bushland unprotected inside the urban footprint." said Michael Petter Coordinator of the Brisbane Region Environment Council. The maps also show the extent potential floodplains inside the urban footprint. The maps can be viewed at the BREC website. On the maps unprotected bushland is coloured in black and protected areas are shown in greens, floodplains are shown in blue. (


"We will continue to get more information from local governments so we can better assess how much of this bushland may have some other protection under planning schemes. We are still expecting that the final maps will still show that there are substantial areas of bushland unprotected" he said.


Analysis reveals inter-urban break already developed
Inter Urban Break already developed
Analysis reveals inter-urban break already developed

"Another thing that our preliminary analysis of the OUM Plan has revealed is that the inter-urban break between the Gold Coast and Brisbane already contains a golf course, two quarries and a large rural subdivision. What’s worse is that open land and remnant bushland nearby were put inside the urban footprint." The fullsize airphoto with the urban foot print boundary can be viewed at


"The State Government must act and amend the draft plan to protect state and regionally significant remnant bushland inside the urban footprint and should look at all options to protect bushlands in Coomera and Yatala areas to create a meaningful inter-urban break" he concluded.


For more information: Michael Petter BREC 3901-5577

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