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South East Queensland Regional Environment Coordination Network

February 2005
BREC - SEQ 2021 Regional Plan Short Submission

Draft Regional Plan Feedback

Office of Urban Management

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Brisbane Albert Street BC Qld 4002

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The SEQ Regional Plan should adopt a preferred urban pattern that best achieves ecologically sustainable development through reviewing the three development scenarios and effectively involving the public in further development of the Plan, Subregional Plans, and Local Growth Management Strategies incorporating best practice public participation in the choice of alternatives, developing a Plan that will:

  1. Contain and contract the urban boundary and investigation areas so that it contains no more than 20 years supply, with fewer greenfield sites, increased concentration and a smaller urban footprint overall.
  2. Conserve natural areas of international, national, state and regional significance and provide recreational open space in already cleared or degraded areas both within the urban boundary and in the regional landscape, protecting the values identified in the SEQ Regional Nature Conservation Strategy and Good Quality Agricultural Land, maintaining wetlands and floodplain values and essential ecological services.
  3. Constrain population growth — the Plan over-allocates land for housing by 20% - pull back to protect identified values; charge betterment tax for funding public open space infrastructure; change wording in the plan from "population targets" to "population projections".
  4. Control infrastructure and major projects and not allow them to override other values including nature conservation and ecological services; invest in regional open space infrastructure projects.
  5. Continue low-intensity rural production and recreational uses within the urban footprint - have a future for rural land inside the urban footprint.
  6. Convert unallocated state lands containing Indigenous cultural heritage values to the control of the appropriately mandated Traditional Owners, who can conserve, manage, enjoy and profit from their cultural resources and landscapes.

The SEQ Plan should be improved by:

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