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State Government Sells out Wildlife Again With Asset Sales in Wishart

Once again the State Government is proposing to sell bushland in Brisbane for development, despite the State Government enacting the Vegetation Management Act and BCC spending millions to save bushland.
This small bushland on Mt Gravatt Capalaba Rd near Auckland St is a vital stepping stone for numerous animals and has habitat and food available. Its close proximity to Bulimba Creek makes this patch very attractive for hard pressed suburban native animals.
It has numerous forage trees favoured by Gliders and Koalas and surely makes up part the range these animals need to survive.

Once before the State Government sold bushland in Wishart to have it dozed and the animals killed or displaced. This time we can't let that happen.

belmonthills1 belmonthills2
This area looks north to the largely protected Belmont Hills
lookinsth  lookinsthw
And looks south across upper Bulimba Creek to Eight Mile Plains and the National Estate listed Karawatha Forest.
This bushland has some larger scribbly gums ( Eucalyptus racemosa ) which of course are busy providing habitat with well used hollows for larger animals....
termites hollow2
... and smaller ones for wildife such as termites and wasps
Futher inside are other significant habitat trees such as this old Eucalyptus seeana
beehive beehive
This tree had numerous hollows and a native bee hive.
fungi other trees
The area also provide a home to fungi and insects not always as obvious as other wildlife.
The scratch marks on this grey gum indicates heavy wildlife traffic uses this small bushland.
sunset  coverpix
Write to your State Member or the Education Minister to protest this sell out of our wild heritage in Brisbane and demand that the Government not sell natural bushland assets for short term profit.

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