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Update NOTE 2004. This article is kept on this site for archive purposes. The Power station proposed did not proceed and Tarong Energy has no plans to implement this facility in the future.



February 14, 2000


Huge Gas-Fired Power Station Threatens Brisbane's Water and Air Supply

A huge 900 MW power station proposed for Splityard Ck on Wivenhoe Dam threatens water and air quality in South East Qld. The proposal seems designed as a financial prop for the much hyped cargo cult, the PNG Oil & Gas pipeline.

These power stations will pump at least one tonne of Carbon monoxide, five and half tonnes of NOx and half a tonne of PM 10 particles per day into the regional airshed. The data was estimated from figures in the National Pollution Inventory about other gas-fired power stations. Given that this proposal is twice as big as any listed, these estimates are very conservative.

The NOx, Carbon monoxide and PM10's will inevitably increase pollution of the Ipswich Area. The small particles or PM10s are already linked to an increasing number of deaths per year for asthmatics, the elderly and other people with respiratory problems.

The power station will also produce a range of other pollutants including, Arsenic, Beryllium, Boron, Cadmium, Chromium, Cobalt, Copper, Lead, Magnesium, Maganese, Mercury, Selenium, Sulphur Dioxide and Zinc.

The huge power station will also use vast quantities of water which will end up hotter and dirtier than it started. The pollution will also be deposited over the lake and surrounding valley which can only decrease water quality in the dam.

The SEQ Regional Air Quality Strategy identified that the coastal and mid parts of the airshed were already heavily loaded with pollutants. To fill up one of the few cleaner parts of the airshed with the equivalent pollution of 100,000 cars a day is unwise.

The government should have a rational energy policy rather than opportunistic glad handing for eager corporations. The Tarong Power Station is one of the most polluting in Queensland and we would better served if this could be converted to a solar/gas hybrid rather than coal. We could also get seriously into energy conservation. The government should allow people to tender to supply MW of energy savings rather than more and more power with more and more pollution.

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